Promoting Health and Wellness Through Probiotic Baked Goods

Probiotics are live bacteria that provide health benefits beyond digestive and immune health. Recent studies suggest that good microbes help with health concerns, including obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, autism, and depression. Probiotics products can be obtained in different forms like tablets, capsules, powder sachets, etc. Nowadays, their consumption via functional & traditional food products like yogurt, kombucha, gummies, juice, various beverages & baked goods, etc., is generally favored and more popular among consumers.

At Enzyme Innovation, we specialize in the development and manufacture of probiotic strains from the Bacillus species. Bacillus species form endospores that show a high survival rate and stability in dietary supplements, foods, and the human gut—partner with us for safe, stable, and effective probiotics.


Benefits of SEB LBSC include:

• Promotes regulation of pH levels to support a healthy gut microbiome
• Supports the inhibition of bad bacteria growth
• Promotes T-cell response and immune system
• Supports relief from bloating and digestive discomfort
• Promotes vaginal flora and normal vaginal health
• Supports nutrient absorption
• Shows promising results in arresting antibiotic-associated diarrhea

Features of SEB LBSC are:

• Spore forming
• Heat stable
• Shelf stable
• Low-acid pH stable
• Resistant to gastric juices
• Soluble & stable in water
• Compatible with antibiotics
• Stable in hot & cold beverages, baked goods, cereal bar, and chocolates
• Organic-grade available

Potential Applications of SEB LBSC:

SEB LBSC can be used in a range of foods and functional beverages, such as ice and hot tea, instant coffee, juices, flavored drink, sports drink, purees, yogurt drinks, coconut water, breakfast cereals, cereal bars and chocolates, ice creams, ready mix soup, instant noodles, ketchup, etc.
SEB LBSC can be used in a variety of baked goods such as sandwich bread, tortilla, french baguettes, muffin, cakes, cookies, pizza, pita, etc.

Dosage Recommendation:

The recommended dose of SEB LBSC is 5.0 x 107 to 2 x 109 per serving. The final dose varies based on the type of food and intended label claims.