Beer Mash | Maximize Sugar Extraction

SEBrew Malt P1500– When it comes to feeding the yeast in one’s upcoming beer, usually a choice is made at the mashing stage with respect to how fermentable the beer should be so style purposes. This leads to a cooler or warmer mash within the 140-160 F range, higher for less fermentable, and lower for more fermentable wort. Of course this is all in a perfect world, where the malted barley has enough enzymes in it to work quickly and efficiently enough, not to mention temperature fluctuations and the like. In that case it would be good to have a reliable enzyme that will produce large amounts of maltose for a full bodied, flavorful beer. SEBrew Malt P1500 is such an enzyme that can produce up to 85% maltose in the mash, and will do so over a larger temperature range than the enzymes in the malted barley. An especially useful enzyme if using a slightly larger amount of adjuncts as well, excluding sugar, because the starch in the other grains has a harder time being converted without some extra help. Add some SEBrew Malt P1500 to the mash before heading to the boil, and watch the gravity of the wort go up time after time. Keep this enzyme in mind if beers are continuously coming out under attenuated, mashes are taking too long, or the adjuncts are not converting like they should.

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