Grape & Berry Processing

ExtractSEB RL- Pectinase

Extractase RL has been developed for maceration and clarification of fruits & vegetables that are especially high in araban content, for example pear. It ruptures plant cell walls, promotes liquefaction, reduces viscosity, improves solid/liquid separation and increases juice yield.

ExtractSEB RLBE- Pectinase

ExtractSEB RLBE provides rapid extraction during pressing of red berries. This in turn increases juice yields, color extraction, improves clarification & filtration and increases processing capacity. It contains a unique complex of enzyme activities developed specifically for extraction and depectinization of red berry fruit.

SEBMash Color Plus- Pectinase

SEBMash Color Plus rapidly degrades pectin substances, thus lowering the mash/juice viscosity and provides optimal clarification and filterability. The absence of anthocyanases, cellobiase and other undesirable enzymatic activities in SEBMash Color Plus increases the color of the final juice (dark-red color).