Solve Mash Viscosity Issues

ViscoSEB L – Working with many different grains and unusual grains can lead to a variety of problems that had never before been accounted for in a distillery. Viscosity issues from exotic rye mashes, protein problems with quinoa, even polysaccharides from fruit can result. All of these problems have their unique set of answers on how to solve the aforementioned problem, but what if a single enzyme complex could work for each specific instance? ViscoSEB is a broad spectrum carbohydrase enzyme blend, which (as the name implies) is primarily aimed at helping to reduce viscosity issues in the mash, all the way to the filtration. Not only that, but addition of this enzyme blend has been known to increase liquid mash yields due to its variety of activities. ViscoSEB has been proven apt enough to deal with viscosity issues derived for many grains sources, not to mention that the enzyme blend has shown astounding potential for a filtration aide. Adding small amounts of ViscoSEB before a membrane or cross-flow filtration has led to increased color retention, faster filtration, and reduction of clogging issues. Though filtration is not entirely important to the distilling industry, this blend has a wide variety of uses waiting to be explored. Ask for more information and a sample to help solve viscosity issues wherever they are, we are happy to help.

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