The Complete Gut & Immune Health Solution for Monogastrics – BioSEB Trio

Health challenges in monogastrics can devastate a farm. Whether related to poor digestion, stress, a negative reaction to feed, or encountering harmful pathogens, poor gut health is damaging to performance. Probiotics can support the gut and immune health in monogastrics. A research-backed probiotic blend, BioSEB Trio, allows for the reduction or replacement of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), improves body weight gain (BWG) and increases feed conversion ratio (FCR).

BioSEB Trio is a unique blend of specially selected strains of Bacillus probiotics designed to support optimal digestion, immunomodulation and a healthy gut microbiota. It promotes the relief of gut inflammation and necrotic enteritis, and has a direct killing effect on 15+ pathogens, including Clostridium spp., E.coli and Salmonella.  It also helps to reduce the use of AGPs in feed formulation.

Watch this video for more information on BioSEB Trio and its research.

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