The Immune Boosting Power of Proteases

Starter birds travelling from the hatchery to the farm through various microenvironments become susceptible to enteric infections like E.coli, Salmonella, Dysentery, Coccidia and Clostridium.

Necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens causes an estimated $6 billion loss per year, which makes bird health one of the biggest concerns in the animal feed industry[1]. Protease supplementation is fast becoming the industry’s answer to keeping birds healthy and avoiding these losses.

SEBoost, an expertly formulated blend of specific protease enzymes and bioflavonoids, is a uniquely powerful immune modulator and feed additive for monogastrics shown to reduce costs per bird.

The Need for Alternative Feed Ingredients

Recent and ongoing global conflicts have challenged the poultry industry in terms of availability and pricing of grains, fertilizers, oil and biofuel. Freight costs and shipping times are also negatively impacted. As a result, farmers are being forced to use alternative feed ingredients more frequently than ever before.

While there is an economic benefit in using these alternatives, the inclusion of ingredients with higher anti-nutritional activity can adversely impact the gut health of birds, weaken their immunity and create serious health risks.

An immunomodulator like SEBoost can break down difficult-to-digest proteins and anti-nutrients, and regulate the release of immune markers, thus maintaining animal health.

Illness in Poultry and the Epithelial Barrier

Enteric infections such as E.coli, Salmonella, Dysentery, Coccidia and Clostridium typically impact the health of the gut. AGPs and zinc oxide have traditionally been used to mitigate these infections. The present antibiotic-free era has drastically reduced their use. Finding alternative solutions is imperative to bridging this gap.

Maintaining a strong epithelial barrier is the first line of defense in preventing illness in poultry. The weakening of the epithelial barrier can allow food in the lumen and toxic bacteria to pass into the blood stream, eliciting a strong immune response. When epithelial cells are damaged by stress, parasites or pathogens, they must be replaced immediately to preserve integrity and prevent microbes from getting into the blood stream.

Necrotic enteritis weakens epithelial integrity, opening the door to harmful bacteria and food content present in the lumen to move into bloodstream, resulting in sickened birds and issues with the final product.

Unfortunately, clinical signs of necrotic enteritis or coccidiosis are often not observable. It’s not until the end of the production cycle when there is significantly lower body weight and higher FCR that it becomes apparent something is amiss. At this point, there is a high probability these animals have subclinical coccidiosis.

Thus, maintaining a strong epithelium by boosting the digestive health of monogastrics is essential to healthy animals.

SEBoost is the Key

SEBoost is the solution to preventing illness and improving recovery times when illness is present. A specially formulated blend of protease enzymes and bioflavonoids, it is designed to strengthen and boost the immune system of monogastrics.

SEBoost helps to reduce oxidative stress and can be used as an anti-viral, anti-stress, anti-fibrosis, antioxidant, immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory. It helps in reducing viral exposure during disease outbreaks and helps combat disease more effectively by reducing the likelihood of immune suppression.

SEBoost helps to increase the serum level of systemic enzymes, which activates α-2-macroglobulin. α-2-macroglobulin is a serum protein that facilitates the binding and removal of foreign peptides, excessive inflammatory mediators and auto-toxic endogenous proteins, thereby supporting balanced humoral and cell-mediated immune function and modulation of systemic inflammation.

SEBoost helps to mask the antigenicity of α-2-macroglobulin but retain its enzymatic activity as it is slowly transferred to the site of infection. It facilitates the hydrolysis of bradykinin, histamine and serotonin, which are responsible for infection-related inflammation. SEBoost also reduces the impact of disease stress and secondary complications by: 1) targeting circulating immune complexes in the blood; 2) degrading toxins and facilitating their removal from the system via phagocytes.

Studies show a clear economic benefit per bird with the supplementation of SEBoost alone, or in combination with probiotic blend BioSEB Trio:

  1. $0.15 per bird | 250 gm SEBoost/MT feed
  2. $0.32 | a combination of 250 gm SEBoost and 250 BioSEB Trio/MT feed
  3. $0.33 |a combination of 250 gm SEBoost and 500 BioSEB Trio/MT feed

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[1] Meniaï I, Thibodeau A, Quessy S, Parreira VR, Fravalo P, Beauchamp G, Gaucher ML. Putative antigenic proteins identified by comparative and subtractive reverse vaccinology in necrotic enteritis-causing Clostridium perfringens isolated from broiler chickens. BMC Genomics. 2021 Dec 13;22(1):890. doi: 10.1186/s12864-021-08216-7. PMID: 34903179; PMCID: PMC8666345.